Players of the Year: Looking back on “being better”

Students, Athletes, Parents and Coaches,

It is another year in the books for Delta’s Lacrosse academy and what a year it has been.  We have seen many changes in the structure, location and activity of our academy this year so, for posterity’s sake, let us recount the past ten months:  first, we started our year on the field at Dougald Morrison where we rehearsed some of our fundamental skills, then we competed at our Annual tournament on the island, we lived the last few months of Sportstown as it closed down and moved to learn about the fundamentals of weight lifting in Delta’s gym.  Last, we even had the opportunity to get in the box and start rehearsing some of our box lacrosse skills for this year’s season.

Indeed, it has been a long ten months that has tested our athletes’ ability, fitness, resolve and resiliency and as coaches, we are pleased to see growth in all of these areas.  Through it all, however, there have been a few stand-out athletes that, in the coaches opinions, have continued push themselves to “be better” from September through to June.  So, without further ado, I present to you the Delta Lacrosse Academy’s Athlete of the Year:

Anneke Cunningham

IMG_8331As a grade eight student, Anneke surprised the coaching staff this year with her tenacity.  Anneke has been a relentless competitor all year.  She has taken every opportunity to make herself better in each drill and she has learned from her mistakes to make several huge improvements in her skills.

But it is not her tenacity or her overall improvement that have lead the coaching staff to this conclusion.  What make Anneke one of the Academy’s Athletes of the Year is her winning attitude.  Anneke will work for a win.  She does not give up, does not shy away, and will not back down from a challenge.  Anneke is the type of Athlete that all coaches want on their teams because she demands more of herself than she ever asks of anybody else.  She is a team player whose primary focus is success and it is obvious for those that play and work with her that failure is not an option.  Excellent work Anneke.

Jared Moloci

IMG_8286Known to his teammates as Molōsh, this smiley grade 10 kid has been a pillar of commitment from the first week of September through to last week.  Jared has been one of the Academy’s most focused, consistent and durable athletes.  He is consistently the person that the coaches can count on to give his best effort and he is consistently the athlete that pushes his teammates to “be better.”

As coaches, it is sometimes hard for us believe that Molōsh is a student in grade ten.  Sometimes his calm collected demeanor is more befitting of a college student.  What’s more, his work ethic is reflective of a man driven toward that college atmosphere.  Molōsh is on the field before most of his teammates, and is leaving the field long after the bus has departed.  He is one of our Athletes of the year because he is always trying to improve his skill through individual practice and, in drills and games, is regularly the top competitor on the floor.  When it comes to Lacrosse, it is safe to say that Jared Moloci lives the mantra “be better.”  All the coaches agree that it was a privilege working with you Jared.

Student athletes, thank you all for an excellent school year.  We look forward to working with many of you next year.

To our graduating players, Congratulations.

Tristan Butler, Kyle Durec, Cody Hoegg, Victor Robichaud and Curtis Tyson, may your journey through life find you fulfilled and may your celebrations to come be joyful and safe.



Coach Campbell
Coach Neumann &
Coach Hannah



Players of the Month

May Milestones: May’s Players of the Month

Hello Parents, students and prospective students,

This month our players have been working on their games in Ladner’s Lacrosse box.  And with all the nice weather that has hit Vancouver recently, the changeover from field to box lacrosse has been a bit shocking for the athletes.

When we left the field in March, the students were excited about the changing lacrosse seasons and  were even more excited to begin working hard on their skills inside the box.  And since then, the coaches have noticed that the work that the students have done, on and off the field, has lead to the development of better lacrosse players.

But, as we all know, box lacrosse is an intense season that sometimes can wear on an athlete.  And between minor bruises, major scrapes and muscle soreness, box lacrosse season can really slow an athlete down.  Add to that our unusually hot weather and there have been a lot of very tired athletes in our practices.

That being said, several of our students have also begun to show resiliency that, as lacrosse players, they must have to be successful.  Coach Neumann often speaks of being prepared to “show up for your shift” in the box and we have really begun to see several people take that advice to heart.  As coaches, we are beginning to see who is ready to play mid-season. We are seeing how the students respond to challenges and we are seeing who is willing to rise and meet those challenges.

This month, we would like to highlight the positive attitudes and resiliency of two students who, despite their challenges, always show up and give their best effort.  Please join me in congratulating this month’s Academy Players of the Month!


Curtis TysonIMG_8333

As one of the lacrosse academy’s newer students, Curtis has been one of the most improved students in this year’s academy.  Curtis has really taken the Academy’s “Commit to Better” mantra to the next level, using his in class opportunities to improve his lacrosse skills and his overall fitness.

This month, Curtis has also shown us that he can balance the stress of a lacrosse season with the pressures and responsibilities of being a senior student and an academy athlete.  He has come prepared to work hard every day and he sets an example of positive competition that is unparalleled among other academy students.  We are excited to see Curtis graduate this year and we are pleased to have experienced the attitude of such a thoughtful young man.  Great work Curtis!


Aaron YoIMG_8278ung

As one of our returning students, Aaron is another of our most improved athletes this year.  Aaron started in our academy a few years ago with very little lacrosse experience.  Since then, Aaron’s growth in the game has been tremendous. He has improved in his passing, shooting and defensive understanding and, for the first time this year, he was able to achieve his “goal” of scoring in his field lacrosse games.

Aaron is also a relentless competitor who our academy can always count on to bring out a maximum effort to each practice.  Aaron is one of our most positive competitors, who, throughout his time in his academy,  has managed to remain positive even when things haven’t gone his way.  It is fantastic to see a competitor such as Aaron on the field and we are lucky to have him in our academy.  Good job Aaron.

Thanks everyone for the read this month.  Stay tuned next month for June’s players of the month to wrap up the year.



Coach Neumann,
Coach Campbell &
Coach Hannah

Players of the Month

Making Us Better: March and April Players of the Month Standouts

Players, Parents, and Coaches,

Over the past six weeks the players at the Delta Lacrosse Academy have been working toward making their spring box lacrosse teams.  And in light of the recent tryout results, we are proud to report that many of our players have succeeded in achieving that goal this year.  We are even more proud, however, to report that the players that did not achieve their goal this year have attended our academy reinvigorated.  They seem ready and more determined than ever to perform.

This month though, the coaches of our academy want to talk about more than just performance on the hard court.  This month we would like to take the time to recognize some of the players that have given a little bit more to our game.  We want to acknowledge some standout leaders in the lacrosse community and draw attention to their character off the court, as well as their performance on it.

This month’s highlighted players have forgotten that there was ever a joke about an “I” in team.  They are the type of young people who spend there time participating in events for people in crisis, assisting the community in the administration, officiating and scoring of our games, and they are the type of people who ensure that our academy team stays strong at its core.  So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to this months featured players.


Max Stalling

IMG_8335Max spent the better part of his 2016 year preparing for Delta Lacrosse Association’s Annual “Lax For Life” fundraiser – benefiting the BC cancer foundation.  Max showed he was a leader in the community by raising over $5000 over the past several years.  Also, Max showed his leadership on the court by spending a Saturday battling blisters, pain, and fatigue when he played in the annual 12 hour lacrosse game.  His commitment to Lacrosse is something to which many young players should aspire.

Please join us in congratulating Max Stalling this month.  It is truly a pleasure to coach such a dedicated young man and the Delta Lacrosse Academy, as well as Delta in general, is bettered by his commitment to community.  Excellent work Max.


John WoodwardDSC_5581

As one of our more quiet influences in the Academy, John has spent a large portion of his time in our Academy working on his team leadership skills.  Over the past few months the coaches have seen a marked improvement in John’s skill and in his communication with his fellow players.  John is a leader through is strong participation in all of the academies drills and through the support of his peers.

As one of the participants in this years “Lax for Life” John also spent much of his spare time raising funds and sacrificing his time, and body, for a great cause.  We are proud to shine the spotlight on such a selfless character this month.  Great work John.


Again, congratulations to both John and Max this month.  There will be more to follow in May and June, as we start talking about year end plans as well as the start up for next year.  The coaches are truly excited about our program for the remaining days this year and we hope you are too.  Students, as always, please remember to Commit to Better.


Sincerely yours,

Coach Campbell, Coach Neumann & Coach Hannah

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A Body for Better, in between seasons: February’s Players of the Month

Hello Parents, students and prospective students,

This month our players have been off the field and out of the box working on one of the most important weapons in an athlete’s armada – strength.  Strength is what gives athletes an edge over their competition and strength, in all its forms, is what we try to improve when we set foot in any training environment.

In the month of February, we spent a tremendous amount of time trying to teach our athletes about the importance of understanding and cultivating strength.  And, over the last month, we have asked these students to show us their understanding of strength training through the creation of a personalized training program.

The results were fantastic.  In their blogs our athletes showed us a personalized commitment to building their strength.  Moreover, they showed us that they were prepared to commit to this program by recording this process.

In particular, however, two students’ training programs stood out as excellent representations of our academy’s “Commit to better” mentality.  So, this month, please join me in congratulating the fitness gurus of the Delta Lacrosse Academy’s Players – our players of the month.


Mitchell Sandberg

DSC_5589As one of our junior students,  Mitchell has shown that he will be better this month by through his hard work in the weight room.   In-class, Mitchell was diligent about developing his form and committed to increasing his performance each day.  What’s more, his leadership could be seen with his peers as well.  Throughout the unit, Mitch could be found encouraging others to better in the pursuit of their athletic goals.

Mitchell’s written work also showed an in-depth understanding of the strengths and weakness of his game.  He used our time in the gym to develop a program that highlighted his needs and he produced a program that will no doubt serve him well in the future.  In all respects, this junior acted like as senior when it came to weights.  Great work Mitch.


James Kennedy

IMG_8304The other stand-out in our strength training unit – one James Kennedy – used our time in the weight room to rehabilitate himself from some recent ailments.    Throughout the unit, James was a tremendous asset to the tempo of our class.  He worked tirelessly to improve his strength and fitness. Using our class training sessions to build his fitness and our lecture time to understand training principles , he build a personalized program that was, according to Coach Neumann, “a plan a trainer might give to a client.”

More importantly though, James’ commitment to his fitness has begun to show as the ailments that have affected his progress in the first half of the year begun to heal.  His progress in this task is remarkable and Jame’s continued efforts are supported by his growing tenacity and dedication to his athleticism.  In future James will be a force to be reckoned with, in and out of the gym.  Keep it up James.

Excellent job you two.  We’ll see you on the field and floor.


Coach Neumann
Coach Campbell


Players of the Month