November Grow to Game; Claremont’s Spartan Shootout

Hello Parents and Students of Delta’s Lacrosse Academy,

First, we are headed to the island for a play day on Nov 4.  Please arrive at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal for 6:15am.  Pick up from the same ferry terminal should run at 4:45pm, since we are returning on the 3:00pm boat.  The students are responsible for their own lunch.

Second, the schedule is out for Claremont’s Spartan Shootout.  Please find it attached here: spartan-shootout-2016-and-schedule.  Again, we will be taking the 7:00am ferry on Nov 25.  Please arrive at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal for 6:15am.  Pick up from the ferry terminal should be on Saturday Nov 26 at roughly 6:30pm, since we will take the 5pm boat.

If you have any questions regarding either of these trips, do not hesitate to email me.  Thank you all for your continued support.




Coach Neumann
Coach Campbell&
Coach Hannah




Blogs 2016-2017 Updates

September Parent Meeting

Hello Parents, Coaches, and Players,


The month of September is always a bit of a blur.  As school starts up, we try our best to ensure that our program gets off to a great start and this year we are happy to report that our first few classes have been excellent.  The students are engaged and ready to learn about the game of lacrosse and their enthusiasm is contagious.

Yet, programs like this do not operate on enthusiasm alone.  The program depends on the support of the academy parents, who are dedicated members of the lacrosse community.  The program also depends on the support from the delta school district, local business and our Delta’s lacrosse association.  And this program also depends on the players, who play this game that we all love.

So, to help get us off on the right foot in the academy’s 2016-2017 season, I would like to extend an open invitation to all the vested interests in our Lacrosse community.  There will be an meeting on September 28th at 7:00pm at Delta Manor Education Center.  At the meeting, we will discuss this year’s plan, talk about the finer points of the academy’s curriculum and discuss a few initiatives that we, as an academy, would like to take on in the upcoming year.

We are eager to meet with all of you and thank you all for your continued commitment to Lacrosse in our little corner of the world.  Thank you all.




Scott Campbell,
Josh Neumann &
John Hannah