Parent teacher interviews

Hello parents of the Delta Lacrosse Academy,

At the end of the second term, the coaches of the academy take stock of the progress the students have made and then report that progress to parents.  While we usually do this with report cards, this year coaches would also like to sit down with parents and talk to them about their child’s performance.  For the convenience of parents, I have made an online sign-up to allow parents to expedite this process: Parent teacher interview sign up. Parent teacher interviews this year will be at Delta Manor Education Center, Wednesday March 8 from 4:30-8:00pm. 

Please sign-up ASAP as each time slot is determined on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Thank you for your time and I hope to see you at the meeting.



Coach Campbell,


Up and Coming: Fall Newsletter

Hello parents and students of the Delta Lacrosse Academy,


The academy coaching staff hopes that you have had an excellent start to the school year and now, we are excited to bring to you an update of several academy events that will take place over the next two months.

First though, we are excited to say that we have successfully planned and executed our first game at Dougald Morrison Field on September 30th.  It was an excellent exhibition outing; one in which both our Junior and senior teams played with heart and exuberance.

Given the success of this game, we have taken it upon ourselves to schedule several more so that our athletes might have the opportunity to use their skills in more game-oriented situations.  This has lead us to plan the following game outings:

  1. Friday Nov 4, 2016 – Trip to Royal Bay Secondary in Victoria (No extra cost)
  2. Friday Nov 25-26, 2016 – Trip to Claremont Spartan Shootout at Topaz field in Victoria ($160 because of accommodations)

These games present a few logistical issues.  Both of these days are academy days, meaning the students will not have to worry about their afternoon classes that day, but the students will miss the first two classes.  Accordingly, I have notified the schools that the students will miss the first two blocks on these dates.  Our athletes are, as always, responsible for any work that they have missed.

I have attached the two field trip forms to this post.  I will also be handing these documents out to the students.  Would you please see that you sign and submit these forms to me in the next few weeks.

Royal Bay Field Trip Form royal-bay-secondary

Claremont Field trip Form topaz-field

As a disclaimer, the Claremont tournament will cost extra this year because of the added expense of the accommodation, transport and tournament fees.  The cost of the tournament is enclosed in the form.

I hope you all have had an excellent October so far and wish you well in this, our rainiest of weekends.


Coach Campbell,
Coach Neumann, &
Coach Hannah


Welcome Back!




August 30, 2016

Dear Delta Secondary Lacrosse Academy Parents and Students,

On behalf of the Delta School District, I would like to welcome you to the 2016 – 2017 school year. I would also like to welcome Scott Campbell back as our Teacher Coordinator and Josh Neumann as our Head Coach alongside Assistant Coach, John Hannah. I hope the summer provided time for fun and relaxation and students are now ready for a very successful academic and athletic year!

The first day of school this year is Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 with the first Lacrosse Academy class starting on Wednesday, September 7th. The Lacrosse Academy classes will once again be every other afternoon on Day 1 in Blocks C and D. The first session will be at Delta Manor in the Collaboration room (rm. #109); the first half of the afternoon will be in the classroom and the second half of the afternoon will be on the field at Dugald Morrison field. Students are to bring gym strip and helmets for this first class.

Bus transportation will be provided to the academy from South Delta, Sands, Burnsview and Seaquam Secondary. All students who ride the bus are required to read, sign and return our Bus Code of Conduct to Mr. Campbell on the first day of the Academy. At the start of lunch students riding the bus are asked to promptly meet their bus at the following locations:

Sands – On the street in front of the school

Burnsview – On the street going north outside of school

Seaquam – In the parking lot by the theatre entrance

South Delta – In the south parking lot by the hockey bins and portable


A summary of pick up and drop off times at each school follows:




South Delta 11:55 am 3:15 pm #2
Sands 11:40 am 3:20 pm #3
Burnsview 11:30 am 3:30 pm #3
Seaquam 11:20 am 3:40 pm #3

Enclosed with this letter is a Field Trip form. Please complete the form and have your child return it by the first day of school to Coach Campbell or fax to Corinne Leary at (604) 940-5520.

I would like to encourage parents and students to visit the Lacrosse Academy website at: This site provides information about the instructors, photos, a newsletter and a calendar. Mr. Campbell will update the calendar monthly with the location and focus for each class, and provide updates throughout the year. We would like to include photos on our website of your son/daughter taken during Lacrosse Academy sessions but need parental permission to do so. The Delta School District requires all parents to complete a number of permission forms on-line through Parent Connect; refer to the Permission Forms Information sheet attached. Please be sure to do this before September 30th.

On Friday, September 9th students will be participating in the UBC Ropers course! Coach Campbell will be handing out waiver forms for UBC on the first day of class. Students will be picked up as follows:

9:30 am Seaquam- Pick up LAX
9:45 am Burnsview- Pick up LAX
9:50 am Sands Pick up LAX
10:10 am SDSS- Pick up LAX
10:20 am DSS- Pick up LAX
10:50 am UBC- Drop off LAX
2:45 pm UBC- Pick up LAX
3:30 pm DSS – Drop off LAX

And students will be dropped off as follows:

3:30 pm DSS- pick up LAX
4:00 pm Sands- Drop off LAX
4:05 pm Burnsview- Drop off LAX
4:20 pm Seaquam- Drop off LAX

We use email to communicate to academy parents on a regular basis, if you have changed your email address, please be sure to contact me with your new address.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach me by email at or call me at 604 952-5374. Mr. Campbell can be reached at (604) 591-6166 or at

Thank you for enrolling in the Lacrosse Academy. I wish all students a very successful year ahead!

Carpe Diem,


Paige Hansen
District Vice Principal
Academy Programs



Play Fusion Camp Opportunity

Hello Everyone,

The month of August is usually a bit quiet when it comes to the lacrosse season, so if you are looking to connect with some camps this summer, please

Boys Summer Camps


There you will find top quality training with top quality coaches and athletes.  I hope you all get the opportunity to check out this camp.  Thanks everyone and I look forward to seeing you all on the field this fall.




Coach Campbell


Congratulations to the Islanders Midget A1 Team!

Players, Parents, Coaches and Spectators,

As coaches, we are rewarded by the growth and success of those we teach.  When we see our players have success, only then can we feel successful.

This year we have been fortunate enough to see a lot of success.


Celebrate your victory, young men.  You have earned one.  Congratulations to:

Jake Cantlon
Haiden Dickson
Mitchell Godlonton
Ashton LeClair
Jackson McLeod
Jared Moloci
Rhys Porteous
Mitchell Sandberg
Max Stalling
John Woodward

And, although it is not usually our tact as coaches to highlight individual efforts, this year a special mention should be made regarding the performance of one of the young men above. Congratulations on being the Most Valuable Player in the Province Haiden, you have earned the recognition.


Haiden Dickson

Midget A1 Provincial MVP

It was a privilege to watch your victory.


Coach Campbell
Coach Hannah


Making Us Better: March and April Players of the Month Standouts

Players, Parents, and Coaches,

Over the past six weeks the players at the Delta Lacrosse Academy have been working toward making their spring box lacrosse teams.  And in light of the recent tryout results, we are proud to report that many of our players have succeeded in achieving that goal this year.  We are even more proud, however, to report that the players that did not achieve their goal this year have attended our academy reinvigorated.  They seem ready and more determined than ever to perform.

This month though, the coaches of our academy want to talk about more than just performance on the hard court.  This month we would like to take the time to recognize some of the players that have given a little bit more to our game.  We want to acknowledge some standout leaders in the lacrosse community and draw attention to their character off the court, as well as their performance on it.

This month’s highlighted players have forgotten that there was ever a joke about an “I” in team.  They are the type of young people who spend there time participating in events for people in crisis, assisting the community in the administration, officiating and scoring of our games, and they are the type of people who ensure that our academy team stays strong at its core.  So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to this months featured players.


Max Stalling

IMG_8335Max spent the better part of his 2016 year preparing for Delta Lacrosse Association’s Annual “Lax For Life” fundraiser – benefiting the BC cancer foundation.  Max showed he was a leader in the community by raising over $5000 over the past several years.  Also, Max showed his leadership on the court by spending a Saturday battling blisters, pain, and fatigue when he played in the annual 12 hour lacrosse game.  His commitment to Lacrosse is something to which many young players should aspire.

Please join us in congratulating Max Stalling this month.  It is truly a pleasure to coach such a dedicated young man and the Delta Lacrosse Academy, as well as Delta in general, is bettered by his commitment to community.  Excellent work Max.


John WoodwardDSC_5581

As one of our more quiet influences in the Academy, John has spent a large portion of his time in our Academy working on his team leadership skills.  Over the past few months the coaches have seen a marked improvement in John’s skill and in his communication with his fellow players.  John is a leader through is strong participation in all of the academies drills and through the support of his peers.

As one of the participants in this years “Lax for Life” John also spent much of his spare time raising funds and sacrificing his time, and body, for a great cause.  We are proud to shine the spotlight on such a selfless character this month.  Great work John.


Again, congratulations to both John and Max this month.  There will be more to follow in May and June, as we start talking about year end plans as well as the start up for next year.  The coaches are truly excited about our program for the remaining days this year and we hope you are too.  Students, as always, please remember to Commit to Better.


Sincerely yours,

Coach Campbell, Coach Neumann & Coach Hannah

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They Believe in Better: January’s Players of the Month

Hi Pacers,

As the celebration of 2015’s passing comes to a close, the promise of the New Year hangs over the threshold of our Academy.  Each year, this time is a time of growth, of potential, and of reflection.  The coaches of our academy look at the progressions of our students and we look at the potential that these students have shown in developing there physique and skill.  This time, is a time when the Delta Lacrosse Academy assess our progress.

And, let me tell you, the coaches have looked at all of these performance markers over the past two months and have selected two student athletes that strive to grow and reach their potential.  These athletes are reflective, positive, and unrelentingly driven.   These athletes are your January Player’s of the Month.


Jake CantlonDSC_5579

Jakes has been a mainstay in the development of our academy since the beginning of the year.  He is a driven, focused and grounded athlete whose quiet work-hard attitude is felt by every member of our Academy.  Jake is also one of our more skilled offensive players whose continued work on the offensive side of the ball has made every player in our academy better.

But what really makes Jake stand-out is his drive.  Jake has spent the better part his 2015-2016 Lacrosse season working toward his goal of playing lacrosse on a Scholarship down in the Unite States.   Although recently he has been recovering from injury, his diligence in the rehabilitation process and his continued work in bettering himself as a student and an athlete will serve him will in reaching his goals.  Great work Jake.


Nicholas DoucetIMG_8321

As one of our Juniour students, Nick spent the better part of 2015 learning the ropes of the Delta Lacrosse academy.  Recently, he has begun to climb those ropes.  In the early days of 2016 at Sportstown, Nick showed us some serious skill, and bravery, as one of our three Box Lacrosse Goal Keepers.  Nick stood tall against several serious shooters and he commited to better through his consistent presence in the net.

Nick is our player of the month because of his positive attitude and commitment to bettering himself.  He shows up with a smile on his face and, even after a difficult training session, leaves with a smile on his face.  He is a pleasure to Coach and, what’s more, a pleasure to have on a team.  If he continues to work in this way, there is not limit to what he can accomplish. Keep it up Nick!