Parent teacher interviews

Hello parents of the Delta Lacrosse Academy,

At the end of the second term, the coaches of the academy take stock of the progress the students have made and then report that progress to parents.  While we usually do this with report cards, this year coaches would also like to sit down with parents and talk to them about their child’s performance.  For the convenience of parents, I have made an online sign-up to allow parents to expedite this process: Parent teacher interview sign up. Parent teacher interviews this year will be at Delta Manor Education Center, Wednesday March 8 from 4:30-8:00pm. 

Please sign-up ASAP as each time slot is determined on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Thank you for your time and I hope to see you at the meeting.



Coach Campbell,


Gains for Growth: January’s Players of Month

Hello Parents and Students of the Delta Lacrosse Academy,

This past month, the academy has spent its time at Sports Central.  A multifaceted facility in the heart of Richmond’s industrial district, Sports Central offers several weightlifting and field amenities that the academy had not yet accessed.  It is a unique place that allows our juniors and seniors to make developments independent of one another while continually developing a team-oriented growth mindset.  In every sense, Sports Central has been a real boon to the students of our academy.

As always though, there are a few students that have begun to stand out as we have shifted gears towards our athletic development.  These students are ones who have begun to take their weight training and skills training regime seriously.  So, without further ado, please join me in congratulating the Delta Lacrosse Academy’s Players of the Month:

Noah Wickett

lacrosse-academy-sept2016-web-12On the Junior’s side, Noah has become somewhat of a leader.  He arrives every day prepared to excel in our game-based drills and commits to developing his game whenever he has a chance to put a stick in his hand.

What’s more, on the weightlifting side of our facility, Noah has shown that he is capable of great focus and drive.  Noah puts everything he has into the short time that he has with the weights and proves that he is worthy of this award every time he steps in the gym.  Excellent job Noah.



Haiden Dicksonlacrosse-academy-sept2016-web-24

As one of our Premier senior students, Haiden has begun to elevate his game once again at Sports Central.  Haiden works at his weight training with the same intensity that brings him success on the Lacrosse floor.  He is consistently driving himself to be stronger and more dynamic in his lifts and is relentless in his pursuit of becoming a stronger more powerful athlete.

Haiden is also receiving this award because of his strong autonomy in the development of his skills.  Haiden is the first person to pick up his stick every practice and is usually the last one to put it down.  Repetition on repetition, Haiden works ceaselessly to make the most minuscule of  developments in his fundamental skills.  All in all, Haiden deserves this award because he has worked for it.  In the gym and on the field, he has the type of work ethic that coaches want their players to emulate.  Great work Haiden.

That’s all for now, thank you as always for your support and for taking the time to read about our athletes.


Coach Campbell,
Coach Neumann,
Coach Hannah

Players of the Month

Gaming and Gaining: November & December Players of the Month

Students and Parents of the Delta Lacrosse Academy,

The past two months have been packed with a lot of lacrosse and as we head into the winter break, the coaches are pleased with the progress that the students have made.  Our Senior team made an excellent showing at Claremont’s annual spartan shootout, with a record of 3-2 and our Junior team, without the benefit of the grade tens help, showed well against much bigger and more seasoned opponents. While the results spoke to the growth and development of our athletes, the coaches were not so much concerned with the result of the games, but with the performance, preparation and focus of the athletes that played them.

Over the past two weeks the academy has been using the facilities at Delta Secondary to prepare for our training sessions at Sportcentral’s gym in January and February.  In this time, we have begun to talk about sleep schedules, diet and physical preparation so that the students are ready to be unleashed on their lifting programs in January.

In the months of November and December two students have become champions of focus and preparation.  These students show up to academy practices and games each day ready, and I mean truly prepared in body, mind and intention, to game.  Please congratulate our academy players of the month,  Matthew Burt and Mitchell Sandberg.


Matthew Burt

Mlacrosse-academy-sept2016-web-9att Burt shows his commitment to becoming a better athlete every single time he shows up to compete.  What’s more, he competes every time he performs.  Over the past month the coaches have seen Matt take on the role of “draw-man” in the midfield position and seen him continue to better himself in other positions around the field.

But Matt is not just the type to get better on the field, he also commits to preparing for his athletics off the field.  Matt is an attentive student and has shown through our classroom work a drive to be a better athlete through his preparation.  Keep it up Matt.



Mitchell Sandberg

lacrosse-academy-sept2016-web-25One of the premier players on the academy’s senior team, Mitch is the type of athlete that every coach wants to have on their team.  He is prepared, focused and committed to becoming the best athlete that he can be.  What’s more Mitch is in the business of trying to make others around him better.  Mitch wants to win and he wants his team to want to win.  He is committed to doing what it takes to win and he expects others to do the same.

Mitch will be a leader when we lift in the gym next month and he will be a leader when we step on the field again in January for our first game.  He has shown in his classroom work and in his work on the field that he will continue to grow and get better and he has also shown that he has what it takes to help his fellow teammates step up their game.  Excellent job Mitch.

Thanks to all the athletes who continue to compete, enjoy your holiday, and rest up for our training in the new year.


Coach Campbell,
Coach Neumann,
Coach Hannah

Players of the Month

November Blog Post

Student Athletes,

Before we head into the weight room to train for box-lacrosse season, you should now be in a position to reflect on your progress from throughout the year.

So, the coaches would like you to write, in three short paragraphs, about this year’s performance:

1. In the academy so far, tell us what you have enjoyed about your development. Think about a part of your game and then write about how the academy has helped you to better understand/play your game.

2. In the academy so far, tell us what you have struggled with in your development. Think about a part of your game and then write about how the academy has pushed you to understand/play your game better.

3. What part of your physical stature would make your game better? Our game is a very physical one, what part of your fitness do you need to improve before the start of box lacrosse season next year?

Consider your responses and submit before the end of class today.

Blogs 2016-2017

Growing for Gaming: October’s Players of the Month

Dear Parents and Student Athletes,


October has been a dreadful month in terms of weather. And with 28 out of 31 one days being as soggy as a trip to London-town, it is somewhat of a relief that it is over. To be sure, it has rained, it has poured and something tells us that, somewhere, the old man has snored.

Despite the dreary reports from the weatherman though, our players braved the cold, grey days with the spirit of champions. As always at Dougald Morrison, we conquered the elements to bring the students a program from which they could learn all the necessary skills to be good lacrosse players.

In these grey days of October, two players took on the challenge of putting forth an outstanding effort even though the conditions weren’t ideal. Without further ado I bring you October’s players of the month:


Anneke Cunninghamlacrosse-academy-sept2016-web-7

Anneke has continued her growth from last year becoming one of the junior squad’s premier midfielders. On the field she is one of the quickest and most sure-footed athletes on our junior squad. Never one to back down from a challenge, Anneke is one of the most tenacious defenders and loose ball women that steps on our field.

Anneke also continually puts forth her best effort and, two years running, has been one of the academy’s players of the month. Great work Anneke, your peers are learning from your effort.


Anton Wesse lacrosse-academy-sept2016-web-37

Hailing all the way from Germany, this premier international athlete defines commitment to his craft. Anton always puts forth his best effort.  He excels on the field and is focused in his preparation off the field.

Perhaps more importantly though, Anton is as purposeful as an athlete can be.  He shows up to practice with clear commitment to developing his game.  Anton gives maximum effort in the development of his skills and in development of his athletic skills.  With athletes like Anton coming up in the Germanic Lacrosse system, Canadian athletes better be careful, else they fall in the world standings in future bouts.  Well done Anton.


That is all for this Month folks, please tune in next month for future athletic highlights.



Coach Campbell,
Coach Neumann,
Coach Hannah

Players of the Month

November Grow to Game; Claremont’s Spartan Shootout

Hello Parents and Students of Delta’s Lacrosse Academy,

First, we are headed to the island for a play day on Nov 4.  Please arrive at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal for 6:15am.  Pick up from the same ferry terminal should run at 4:45pm, since we are returning on the 3:00pm boat.  The students are responsible for their own lunch.

Second, the schedule is out for Claremont’s Spartan Shootout.  Please find it attached here: spartan-shootout-2016-and-schedule.  Again, we will be taking the 7:00am ferry on Nov 25.  Please arrive at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal for 6:15am.  Pick up from the ferry terminal should be on Saturday Nov 26 at roughly 6:30pm, since we will take the 5pm boat.

If you have any questions regarding either of these trips, do not hesitate to email me.  Thank you all for your continued support.




Coach Neumann
Coach Campbell&
Coach Hannah




Blogs 2016-2017 Updates

Growth for Games: October’s Blog Post

Student athletes,

Athletes divide their growth into three specific categories:

  1. Their physical fitness
  2. Their skill preparation
  3. Their mental preparation

Over the past two months we have spent a tremendous amount of academy time working on categories one and two, but we have talked about number three very little.  Now it is time to get our heads into what we do so we can start to do it better.

In the following assignment, please reflect and think about the steps that you will take to develop your athleticism.


In one or two strong paragraphs, answer this question:

What am I as an athlete and what am I willing to do to improve what I already am?

Please ensure that your response to this blog is submitted to Coach Neumann by Nov. 6 at 10:00pm



Coach Neumann
Coach Campbell&
Coach Hannah

Blogs 2016-2017

Up and Coming: Fall Newsletter

Hello parents and students of the Delta Lacrosse Academy,


The academy coaching staff hopes that you have had an excellent start to the school year and now, we are excited to bring to you an update of several academy events that will take place over the next two months.

First though, we are excited to say that we have successfully planned and executed our first game at Dougald Morrison Field on September 30th.  It was an excellent exhibition outing; one in which both our Junior and senior teams played with heart and exuberance.

Given the success of this game, we have taken it upon ourselves to schedule several more so that our athletes might have the opportunity to use their skills in more game-oriented situations.  This has lead us to plan the following game outings:

  1. Friday Nov 4, 2016 – Trip to Royal Bay Secondary in Victoria (No extra cost)
  2. Friday Nov 25-26, 2016 – Trip to Claremont Spartan Shootout at Topaz field in Victoria ($160 because of accommodations)

These games present a few logistical issues.  Both of these days are academy days, meaning the students will not have to worry about their afternoon classes that day, but the students will miss the first two classes.  Accordingly, I have notified the schools that the students will miss the first two blocks on these dates.  Our athletes are, as always, responsible for any work that they have missed.

I have attached the two field trip forms to this post.  I will also be handing these documents out to the students.  Would you please see that you sign and submit these forms to me in the next few weeks.

Royal Bay Field Trip Form royal-bay-secondary

Claremont Field trip Form topaz-field

As a disclaimer, the Claremont tournament will cost extra this year because of the added expense of the accommodation, transport and tournament fees.  The cost of the tournament is enclosed in the form.

I hope you all have had an excellent October so far and wish you well in this, our rainiest of weekends.


Coach Campbell,
Coach Neumann, &
Coach Hannah


Grit, Growth, Game: September’s players of the month

Welcome back players and parents of the Delta Lacrosse Academy,

Our academy classes have gotten off to a fantastic start.  The students are equipped and ready for the upcoming season, the coaches have their clipboards prepped to teach the students the game, and, with our first games already in the books, our teams are looking ready to face the challenge of a jam packed academy year.

This year, our coaches have arrived to our academy ready to instil in our athletes with a growth mindset. Our new academy’s motto: Grit, Growth, Game, reflects our commitment to the growth and development of our athletes and our sport.

Not surprisingly our players have come prepared to face this growth challenge.  The have begun to embrace our academy’s code of ethics.  The acronym P.A.C.E.R.S, better known as Preparation, Attitude, Coachability, Execution, Relationships, and Support, is now felt at each practice and game. As such, each player is becoming personally accountable for their actions and, using P.A.C.E.R.S as their guide, they are growing, albeit slowly, into better athletes over the course of this year.

Today, however, the coaches wish to honour the efforts of two individuals that are persistent in their pursuit of their own growth and of the growth of their teammates.  On both the junior and senior squads these two young men were elected by their peers to lead their teams through thick and thin.  With no complaint, they have helped their fellow teammates grow and have mentored their peers in the pursuit of excellence.  Through their leadership, these two young men have upheld the spirit of our P.A.C.E.R.S motto and helped create an environment for growth and development in the future.  So, without further ado, I give you our players of the month:


Ashton Leclair

IMG_8300The coaches’ choice from september’s junior squad is our goaltender, Ashton Leclair.  This year Ashton has become a standout in goal.  Having worked on his positioning and hand speed in net last year, he has become a more complete goaltending package.  Ashton is a voice on the field, in the warmup, and is a strong and confident presence in the net.  He is never one to let a mistake haunt his play, nor is he one to allow a teammate’s mistake affect the play of others.  Congratulations Ashton, keep up your excellent work.


Jared Moloci


On the senior squad, the coaches have put their confidence in the quiet yet tenacious leadership of Jared Moloci.  A veteran defender, Jared has taken on the roles of drill sergeant and captain with the quiet confidence of a buddhist monk.  Jared is a reliable presence on the field and, though he may not receive all of the goal-oriented glory, he is an integral part of the senior team’s success.  Jared, you have earned recognition this month, well done.


Coach Campbell,
Coach Neumann &
Coach Hannah

Players of the Month

September Parent Meeting

Hello Parents, Coaches, and Players,


The month of September is always a bit of a blur.  As school starts up, we try our best to ensure that our program gets off to a great start and this year we are happy to report that our first few classes have been excellent.  The students are engaged and ready to learn about the game of lacrosse and their enthusiasm is contagious.

Yet, programs like this do not operate on enthusiasm alone.  The program depends on the support of the academy parents, who are dedicated members of the lacrosse community.  The program also depends on the support from the delta school district, local business and our Delta’s lacrosse association.  And this program also depends on the players, who play this game that we all love.

So, to help get us off on the right foot in the academy’s 2016-2017 season, I would like to extend an open invitation to all the vested interests in our Lacrosse community.  There will be an meeting on September 28th at 7:00pm at Delta Manor Education Center.  At the meeting, we will discuss this year’s plan, talk about the finer points of the academy’s curriculum and discuss a few initiatives that we, as an academy, would like to take on in the upcoming year.

We are eager to meet with all of you and thank you all for your continued commitment to Lacrosse in our little corner of the world.  Thank you all.




Scott Campbell,
Josh Neumann &
John Hannah