September Parent Meeting

Hello Parents, Coaches, and Players,


The month of September is always a bit of a blur.  As school starts up, we try our best to ensure that our program gets off to a great start and this year we are happy to report that our first few classes have been excellent.  The students are engaged and ready to learn about the game of lacrosse and their enthusiasm is contagious.

Yet, programs like this do not operate on enthusiasm alone.  The program depends on the support of the academy parents, who are dedicated members of the lacrosse community.  The program also depends on the support from the delta school district, local business and our Delta’s lacrosse association.  And this program also depends on the players, who play this game that we all love.

So, to help get us off on the right foot in the academy’s 2016-2017 season, I would like to extend an open invitation to all the vested interests in our Lacrosse community.  There will be an meeting on September 28th at 7:00pm at Delta Manor Education Center.  At the meeting, we will discuss this year’s plan, talk about the finer points of the academy’s curriculum and discuss a few initiatives that we, as an academy, would like to take on in the upcoming year.

We are eager to meet with all of you and thank you all for your continued commitment to Lacrosse in our little corner of the world.  Thank you all.




Scott Campbell,
Josh Neumann &
John Hannah




Welcome Back!




August 30, 2016

Dear Delta Secondary Lacrosse Academy Parents and Students,

On behalf of the Delta School District, I would like to welcome you to the 2016 – 2017 school year. I would also like to welcome Scott Campbell back as our Teacher Coordinator and Josh Neumann as our Head Coach alongside Assistant Coach, John Hannah. I hope the summer provided time for fun and relaxation and students are now ready for a very successful academic and athletic year!

The first day of school this year is Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 with the first Lacrosse Academy class starting on Wednesday, September 7th. The Lacrosse Academy classes will once again be every other afternoon on Day 1 in Blocks C and D. The first session will be at Delta Manor in the Collaboration room (rm. #109); the first half of the afternoon will be in the classroom and the second half of the afternoon will be on the field at Dugald Morrison field. Students are to bring gym strip and helmets for this first class.

Bus transportation will be provided to the academy from South Delta, Sands, Burnsview and Seaquam Secondary. All students who ride the bus are required to read, sign and return our Bus Code of Conduct to Mr. Campbell on the first day of the Academy. At the start of lunch students riding the bus are asked to promptly meet their bus at the following locations:

Sands – On the street in front of the school

Burnsview – On the street going north outside of school

Seaquam – In the parking lot by the theatre entrance

South Delta – In the south parking lot by the hockey bins and portable


A summary of pick up and drop off times at each school follows:




South Delta 11:55 am 3:15 pm #2
Sands 11:40 am 3:20 pm #3
Burnsview 11:30 am 3:30 pm #3
Seaquam 11:20 am 3:40 pm #3

Enclosed with this letter is a Field Trip form. Please complete the form and have your child return it by the first day of school to Coach Campbell or fax to Corinne Leary at (604) 940-5520.

I would like to encourage parents and students to visit the Lacrosse Academy website at: This site provides information about the instructors, photos, a newsletter and a calendar. Mr. Campbell will update the calendar monthly with the location and focus for each class, and provide updates throughout the year. We would like to include photos on our website of your son/daughter taken during Lacrosse Academy sessions but need parental permission to do so. The Delta School District requires all parents to complete a number of permission forms on-line through Parent Connect; refer to the Permission Forms Information sheet attached. Please be sure to do this before September 30th.

On Friday, September 9th students will be participating in the UBC Ropers course! Coach Campbell will be handing out waiver forms for UBC on the first day of class. Students will be picked up as follows:

9:30 am Seaquam- Pick up LAX
9:45 am Burnsview- Pick up LAX
9:50 am Sands Pick up LAX
10:10 am SDSS- Pick up LAX
10:20 am DSS- Pick up LAX
10:50 am UBC- Drop off LAX
2:45 pm UBC- Pick up LAX
3:30 pm DSS – Drop off LAX

And students will be dropped off as follows:

3:30 pm DSS- pick up LAX
4:00 pm Sands- Drop off LAX
4:05 pm Burnsview- Drop off LAX
4:20 pm Seaquam- Drop off LAX

We use email to communicate to academy parents on a regular basis, if you have changed your email address, please be sure to contact me with your new address.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach me by email at or call me at 604 952-5374. Mr. Campbell can be reached at (604) 591-6166 or at

Thank you for enrolling in the Lacrosse Academy. I wish all students a very successful year ahead!

Carpe Diem,


Paige Hansen
District Vice Principal
Academy Programs



Play Fusion Camp Opportunity

Hello Everyone,

The month of August is usually a bit quiet when it comes to the lacrosse season, so if you are looking to connect with some camps this summer, please

Boys Summer Camps


There you will find top quality training with top quality coaches and athletes.  I hope you all get the opportunity to check out this camp.  Thanks everyone and I look forward to seeing you all on the field this fall.




Coach Campbell


Congratulations to the Islanders Midget A1 Team!

Players, Parents, Coaches and Spectators,

As coaches, we are rewarded by the growth and success of those we teach.  When we see our players have success, only then can we feel successful.

This year we have been fortunate enough to see a lot of success.


Celebrate your victory, young men.  You have earned one.  Congratulations to:

Jake Cantlon
Haiden Dickson
Mitchell Godlonton
Ashton LeClair
Jackson McLeod
Jared Moloci
Rhys Porteous
Mitchell Sandberg
Max Stalling
John Woodward

And, although it is not usually our tact as coaches to highlight individual efforts, this year a special mention should be made regarding the performance of one of the young men above. Congratulations on being the Most Valuable Player in the Province Haiden, you have earned the recognition.


Haiden Dickson

Midget A1 Provincial MVP

It was a privilege to watch your victory.


Coach Campbell
Coach Hannah


Players of the Year: Looking back on “being better”

Students, Athletes, Parents and Coaches,

It is another year in the books for Delta’s Lacrosse academy and what a year it has been.  We have seen many changes in the structure, location and activity of our academy this year so, for posterity’s sake, let us recount the past ten months:  first, we started our year on the field at Dougald Morrison where we rehearsed some of our fundamental skills, then we competed at our Annual tournament on the island, we lived the last few months of Sportstown as it closed down and moved to learn about the fundamentals of weight lifting in Delta’s gym.  Last, we even had the opportunity to get in the box and start rehearsing some of our box lacrosse skills for this year’s season.

Indeed, it has been a long ten months that has tested our athletes’ ability, fitness, resolve and resiliency and as coaches, we are pleased to see growth in all of these areas.  Through it all, however, there have been a few stand-out athletes that, in the coaches opinions, have continued push themselves to “be better” from September through to June.  So, without further ado, I present to you the Delta Lacrosse Academy’s Athlete of the Year:

Anneke Cunningham

IMG_8331As a grade eight student, Anneke surprised the coaching staff this year with her tenacity.  Anneke has been a relentless competitor all year.  She has taken every opportunity to make herself better in each drill and she has learned from her mistakes to make several huge improvements in her skills.

But it is not her tenacity or her overall improvement that have lead the coaching staff to this conclusion.  What make Anneke one of the Academy’s Athletes of the Year is her winning attitude.  Anneke will work for a win.  She does not give up, does not shy away, and will not back down from a challenge.  Anneke is the type of Athlete that all coaches want on their teams because she demands more of herself than she ever asks of anybody else.  She is a team player whose primary focus is success and it is obvious for those that play and work with her that failure is not an option.  Excellent work Anneke.

Jared Moloci

IMG_8286Known to his teammates as Molōsh, this smiley grade 10 kid has been a pillar of commitment from the first week of September through to last week.  Jared has been one of the Academy’s most focused, consistent and durable athletes.  He is consistently the person that the coaches can count on to give his best effort and he is consistently the athlete that pushes his teammates to “be better.”

As coaches, it is sometimes hard for us believe that Molōsh is a student in grade ten.  Sometimes his calm collected demeanor is more befitting of a college student.  What’s more, his work ethic is reflective of a man driven toward that college atmosphere.  Molōsh is on the field before most of his teammates, and is leaving the field long after the bus has departed.  He is one of our Athletes of the year because he is always trying to improve his skill through individual practice and, in drills and games, is regularly the top competitor on the floor.  When it comes to Lacrosse, it is safe to say that Jared Moloci lives the mantra “be better.”  All the coaches agree that it was a privilege working with you Jared.

Student athletes, thank you all for an excellent school year.  We look forward to working with many of you next year.

To our graduating players, Congratulations.

Tristan Butler, Kyle Durec, Cody Hoegg, Victor Robichaud and Curtis Tyson, may your journey through life find you fulfilled and may your celebrations to come be joyful and safe.



Coach Campbell
Coach Neumann &
Coach Hannah



Players of the Month

To End is to Begin Anew: Blog Post Number Twenty

Student Athletes,

As students, athletes and people, we must look backwards and plan forwards if we want to better ourselves.  By now it should be no secret, that to continue being successful in sport, it is not enough to perform well once or even a few times, your success demands constant improvement.

In fact, as an athlete you should know that success demands more than improvement.  Success demands assessment and constant evaluation of skill and fitness.  This is why we play games.  In each game we test ourselves.  We test ourselves against our personal training and we test ourselves against the training of others.

These game tests are also why your coaches test you.  We assess what you do and how you do it to determine where your abilities are strong and where they are weak.  Then, once we have seen those abilities, we guide you toward make more improvements so that we, as a team, can be prepared for our next test.

But there is only so much a coach can do toward improving the skill of a player.  At a certain point, the actions of a player determine the level of their success.  Athletes that are self-driven, athletes that learn from their mistakes and athletes that can envision their own success will see their career’s flourish.  Athletes that do not learn to act in this way will struggle.  So, let us learn to be self-driven, self-correcting, and successful.


Having completed Blog Post Number Nineteen, you have now conducted an assessment of the course you have taken over the past ten months.  But, to complete your reflection of the year, you must now look inward and forward to determine your next course of action:

In one paragraph, provide a summary of your year.  Be sure to include individual areas of improvement and individual areas of weakness.  Also include how you feel about those areas.

In a second paragraph, describe a few of your year’s highlights and low lights.  Be as descriptive or general as you like, but be sure to include ‘why’ they are highlights or low lights.

In a third paragraph, describe your plans for the summer.  Try to integrate how these plans might positively affect your areas of improvement for next year.

Please ensure each paragraph is at least five sentences.  Descriptions of this nature cannot be successful in any less than five sentences.

Thank you for all that you have done this year, we have enjoyed coaching all of you. Have an excellent summer.

Submissions are due: Sunday June 12th at 9:00pm


Coach Campbell,
Coach Neumann &
Coach Hannah

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A Year in Review: Blog Post Number Nineteen

Student Athletes,

The best and worst part about being a coach is looking back on a season.  It is the best part about a coach’s job because looking back fuels a coach’s push toward greatness.  They look for opportunities to improve the efficiency of their athletes and they analyze their programs to provide better drills, games, and training for athletes they coach.  It is the worst part about a coach’s job because, when left to think about a season, a coach can fixate on the parts of their program that did not work.  They sit and think about all the things that went wrong and they forget about things that made their program good at the start.  Coaches fixate; it is what we do.  We think back, we reflect, and we figure out how to make it better.

But, as we all know, coaches are not the only people that are part of a team.  Players play an enormous roll in the success of a team.  After all, the players that move to the coach’s whistle, the players learn under the coach’s words and the players chose to commit their time to developing their skills.  As such, players and their mindsets, perspectives and understandings are as important to a team’s integrity as the coach’s perfect program.

Players and coaches build programs together.  Without players, coaches do not have clay to mold.  Without coaches, players do not have shapes to acquire.


This week, the coaches are going to invite you put yourselves in our shoes and “look back” on our season. We want you to use your experience as a player and, just as a coach might, we want you to be both constructive and critical of the program you experienced this year.  We want you to give us two lists:

  1. A list of three positive traits the Lacrosse Academy possesses.
  2. A list of three negative traits the Lacrosse Academy possesses.

This is a very serious request from the coaching staff and so we want you to be as descriptive as possible.  Positive traits should not include  “It’s fun,” and negative traits should not include “It’s boring.”  Thoughtful responses will give your opinions on major events, activities, or training, that we have done throughout the year.

For example, I might positively explain, “I enjoyed the amount of cross-training we did, I felt handball taught me a lot about position on the floor/field.” Or I might respond more negatively, “I would have liked to have more time dedicated toward training, I felt I didn’t get enough time to lift weights all year round.”  (Please, do not use these examples in your responses)

This feedback will be taken and applied in the development of next year’s program.  This is your chance as a student to give your input into what your program will look like next year.   You should put some serious thought into responses.  Student athletes, be responsible for your development and join us, as coaches.

Submissions are due: Sunday June 4th at 9:00pm


Coach Campbell,
Coach Neumann &
Coach Hannah

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Words of Wisdom: Blog Post number Eighteen

Student Athletes,

This time in the year for a lacrosse player can be challenging.  Though you are about half way through the season, wounds and weariness from previous games can start to affect play.  Sometimes it can seem to be a struggle to get suited up for a practice.  Sometimes, it can seem a struggle to come prepared to play a game.  And yet we know, that as lacrosse players, if we want to be successful, we need to be tough and compete every time we set foot on a field or a floor.  We know that even though our body may hurt, it is our mind that governs how we decide to deal with our pains.

To accomplish the task of playing through, you have a mantra.  Whether you know it or not, there is something that you say to yourself to keep you going – an action and then a description – and whether it be  “Work harder,” “Be Better,” or “One More Rep,” this Mantra helps your mind overcome your perceived limitations.

These mantras have a purpose; they drive us to keep going, they help remind us of our commitments, and sometimes, if we are truly committed toward their principles, they are able unite a group of people toward a singular purpose.


This week, the coaching staff wants you to think about your mantras.  Once you have thought about them, you will send two responses to Coach Neumann:

  1. A Mantra of five words or less that you use in your personal commitment to your own athletic development.
  2. A Mantra of  five words or less, to which you would like your fellow student athletes in the academy live by.

These are serious requests and so responses should be serious.  “Scoring goals” is not a mantra, it is an act we commit in game.  “Working hard,” though it is used as an example here, is not specific and does not describe any commitment to any sort of process.

The mantras you describe should reflect some aspect of your personality.  You should put some thought into these five words as you may find that they will direct your efforts in future.  That said, I’ll leave you here with my mantra:  “Sweat, grow, win.”

Submissions are due: Sunday May 29th at 9:00pm


Coach Campbell,
Coach Neumann &
Coach Hannah

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May Milestones: May’s Players of the Month

Hello Parents, students and prospective students,

This month our players have been working on their games in Ladner’s Lacrosse box.  And with all the nice weather that has hit Vancouver recently, the changeover from field to box lacrosse has been a bit shocking for the athletes.

When we left the field in March, the students were excited about the changing lacrosse seasons and  were even more excited to begin working hard on their skills inside the box.  And since then, the coaches have noticed that the work that the students have done, on and off the field, has lead to the development of better lacrosse players.

But, as we all know, box lacrosse is an intense season that sometimes can wear on an athlete.  And between minor bruises, major scrapes and muscle soreness, box lacrosse season can really slow an athlete down.  Add to that our unusually hot weather and there have been a lot of very tired athletes in our practices.

That being said, several of our students have also begun to show resiliency that, as lacrosse players, they must have to be successful.  Coach Neumann often speaks of being prepared to “show up for your shift” in the box and we have really begun to see several people take that advice to heart.  As coaches, we are beginning to see who is ready to play mid-season. We are seeing how the students respond to challenges and we are seeing who is willing to rise and meet those challenges.

This month, we would like to highlight the positive attitudes and resiliency of two students who, despite their challenges, always show up and give their best effort.  Please join me in congratulating this month’s Academy Players of the Month!


Curtis TysonIMG_8333

As one of the lacrosse academy’s newer students, Curtis has been one of the most improved students in this year’s academy.  Curtis has really taken the Academy’s “Commit to Better” mantra to the next level, using his in class opportunities to improve his lacrosse skills and his overall fitness.

This month, Curtis has also shown us that he can balance the stress of a lacrosse season with the pressures and responsibilities of being a senior student and an academy athlete.  He has come prepared to work hard every day and he sets an example of positive competition that is unparalleled among other academy students.  We are excited to see Curtis graduate this year and we are pleased to have experienced the attitude of such a thoughtful young man.  Great work Curtis!


Aaron YoIMG_8278ung

As one of our returning students, Aaron is another of our most improved athletes this year.  Aaron started in our academy a few years ago with very little lacrosse experience.  Since then, Aaron’s growth in the game has been tremendous. He has improved in his passing, shooting and defensive understanding and, for the first time this year, he was able to achieve his “goal” of scoring in his field lacrosse games.

Aaron is also a relentless competitor who our academy can always count on to bring out a maximum effort to each practice.  Aaron is one of our most positive competitors, who, throughout his time in his academy,  has managed to remain positive even when things haven’t gone his way.  It is fantastic to see a competitor such as Aaron on the field and we are lucky to have him in our academy.  Good job Aaron.

Thanks everyone for the read this month.  Stay tuned next month for June’s players of the month to wrap up the year.



Coach Neumann,
Coach Campbell &
Coach Hannah

Players of the Month

Taking stock: Blog Post Number Seventeen

Hello Parents, Coaches and Students,

Over the past few weeks, we have had the opportunity to take a rest from our regularly scheduled blog posting because of the start of the intense box lacrosse season.  This week we are back with an important question that we would like you to consider.

As athletes, we often have to ‘take stock’ of where we are in our training to get an understanding of our growth and development.  Sometimes, ‘taking stock’ sponsors minor changes in how we are approaching our training, our diet, or our preparation.  Other times, ‘taking stock’ forces us to reevaluate our training entirely.  In either case, the act of ‘taking stock’, or “reflecting”, is part of becoming a better athlete.  So this week, take stock of your training in academy while you answer blog post number seventeen.

Blog Question #17
Part 1: Box lacrosse season is already underway.  At the end of your season what kind of player do you want to be? Take in to consideration where you were last year and where you are today.
Part 2: We have approximately 8 weeks of Lacrosse Academy left, how would you like to see those sessions used in order to reach your goal from Part 1? Take into consideration these ideas: Box season is highly condensed compared to field (lots of practices and games in a short period of time) – would 1-2 Box sessions and 1 strength and conditioning session with games and stick skills a week be best? Or all box all the time? Or some other mix of box, strength and conditioning, games and stick skills? What kind of box drills would you like to work on?

Thank you and we’ll see you on the floor,
Coach Neumann,
Coach Campbell
Coach Hannah

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