Hello Parents and Students of the Delta Lacrosse Academy,

This past month, the academy has spent its time at Sports Central.  A multifaceted facility in the heart of Richmond’s industrial district, Sports Central offers several weightlifting and field amenities that the academy had not yet accessed.  It is a unique place that allows our juniors and seniors to make developments independent of one another while continually developing a team-oriented growth mindset.  In every sense, Sports Central has been a real boon to the students of our academy.

As always though, there are a few students that have begun to stand out as we have shifted gears towards our athletic development.  These students are ones who have begun to take their weight training and skills training regime seriously.  So, without further ado, please join me in congratulating the Delta Lacrosse Academy’s Players of the Month:

Noah Wickett

lacrosse-academy-sept2016-web-12On the Junior’s side, Noah has become somewhat of a leader.  He arrives every day prepared to excel in our game-based drills and commits to developing his game whenever he has a chance to put a stick in his hand.

What’s more, on the weightlifting side of our facility, Noah has shown that he is capable of great focus and drive.  Noah puts everything he has into the short time that he has with the weights and proves that he is worthy of this award every time he steps in the gym.  Excellent job Noah.



Haiden Dicksonlacrosse-academy-sept2016-web-24

As one of our Premier senior students, Haiden has begun to elevate his game once again at Sports Central.  Haiden works at his weight training with the same intensity that brings him success on the Lacrosse floor.  He is consistently driving himself to be stronger and more dynamic in his lifts and is relentless in his pursuit of becoming a stronger more powerful athlete.

Haiden is also receiving this award because of his strong autonomy in the development of his skills.  Haiden is the first person to pick up his stick every practice and is usually the last one to put it down.  Repetition on repetition, Haiden works ceaselessly to make the most minuscule of  developments in his fundamental skills.  All in all, Haiden deserves this award because he has worked for it.  In the gym and on the field, he has the type of work ethic that coaches want their players to emulate.  Great work Haiden.

That’s all for now, thank you as always for your support and for taking the time to read about our athletes.


Coach Campbell,
Coach Neumann,
Coach Hannah

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