Students and Parents of the Delta Lacrosse Academy,

The past two months have been packed with a lot of lacrosse and as we head into the winter break, the coaches are pleased with the progress that the students have made.  Our Senior team made an excellent showing at Claremont’s annual spartan shootout, with a record of 3-2 and our Junior team, without the benefit of the grade tens help, showed well against much bigger and more seasoned opponents. While the results spoke to the growth and development of our athletes, the coaches were not so much concerned with the result of the games, but with the performance, preparation and focus of the athletes that played them.

Over the past two weeks the academy has been using the facilities at Delta Secondary to prepare for our training sessions at Sportcentral’s gym in January and February.  In this time, we have begun to talk about sleep schedules, diet and physical preparation so that the students are ready to be unleashed on their lifting programs in January.

In the months of November and December two students have become champions of focus and preparation.  These students show up to academy practices and games each day ready, and I mean truly prepared in body, mind and intention, to game.  Please congratulate our academy players of the month,  Matthew Burt and Mitchell Sandberg.


Matthew Burt

Mlacrosse-academy-sept2016-web-9att Burt shows his commitment to becoming a better athlete every single time he shows up to compete.  What’s more, he competes every time he performs.  Over the past month the coaches have seen Matt take on the role of “draw-man” in the midfield position and seen him continue to better himself in other positions around the field.

But Matt is not just the type to get better on the field, he also commits to preparing for his athletics off the field.  Matt is an attentive student and has shown through our classroom work a drive to be a better athlete through his preparation.  Keep it up Matt.



Mitchell Sandberg

lacrosse-academy-sept2016-web-25One of the premier players on the academy’s senior team, Mitch is the type of athlete that every coach wants to have on their team.  He is prepared, focused and committed to becoming the best athlete that he can be.  What’s more Mitch is in the business of trying to make others around him better.  Mitch wants to win and he wants his team to want to win.  He is committed to doing what it takes to win and he expects others to do the same.

Mitch will be a leader when we lift in the gym next month and he will be a leader when we step on the field again in January for our first game.  He has shown in his classroom work and in his work on the field that he will continue to grow and get better and he has also shown that he has what it takes to help his fellow teammates step up their game.  Excellent job Mitch.

Thanks to all the athletes who continue to compete, enjoy your holiday, and rest up for our training in the new year.


Coach Campbell,
Coach Neumann,
Coach Hannah

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