Dear Parents and Student Athletes,


October has been a dreadful month in terms of weather. And with 28 out of 31 one days being as soggy as a trip to London-town, it is somewhat of a relief that it is over. To be sure, it has rained, it has poured and something tells us that, somewhere, the old man has snored.

Despite the dreary reports from the weatherman though, our players braved the cold, grey days with the spirit of champions. As always at Dougald Morrison, we conquered the elements to bring the students a program from which they could learn all the necessary skills to be good lacrosse players.

In these grey days of October, two players took on the challenge of putting forth an outstanding effort even though the conditions weren’t ideal. Without further ado I bring you October’s players of the month:


Anneke Cunninghamlacrosse-academy-sept2016-web-7

Anneke has continued her growth from last year becoming one of the junior squad’s premier midfielders. On the field she is one of the quickest and most sure-footed athletes on our junior squad. Never one to back down from a challenge, Anneke is one of the most tenacious defenders and loose ball women that steps on our field.

Anneke also continually puts forth her best effort and, two years running, has been one of the academy’s players of the month. Great work Anneke, your peers are learning from your effort.


Anton Wesse lacrosse-academy-sept2016-web-37

Hailing all the way from Germany, this premier international athlete defines commitment to his craft. Anton always puts forth his best effort.  He excels on the field and is focused in his preparation off the field.

Perhaps more importantly though, Anton is as purposeful as an athlete can be.  He shows up to practice with clear commitment to developing his game.  Anton gives maximum effort in the development of his skills and in development of his athletic skills.  With athletes like Anton coming up in the Germanic Lacrosse system, Canadian athletes better be careful, else they fall in the world standings in future bouts.  Well done Anton.


That is all for this Month folks, please tune in next month for future athletic highlights.



Coach Campbell,
Coach Neumann,
Coach Hannah

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