Hello parents and students of the Delta Lacrosse Academy,


The academy coaching staff hopes that you have had an excellent start to the school year and now, we are excited to bring to you an update of several academy events that will take place over the next two months.

First though, we are excited to say that we have successfully planned and executed our first game at Dougald Morrison Field on September 30th.  It was an excellent exhibition outing; one in which both our Junior and senior teams played with heart and exuberance.

Given the success of this game, we have taken it upon ourselves to schedule several more so that our athletes might have the opportunity to use their skills in more game-oriented situations.  This has lead us to plan the following game outings:

  1. Friday Nov 4, 2016 – Trip to Royal Bay Secondary in Victoria (No extra cost)
  2. Friday Nov 25-26, 2016 – Trip to Claremont Spartan Shootout at Topaz field in Victoria ($160 because of accommodations)

These games present a few logistical issues.  Both of these days are academy days, meaning the students will not have to worry about their afternoon classes that day, but the students will miss the first two classes.  Accordingly, I have notified the schools that the students will miss the first two blocks on these dates.  Our athletes are, as always, responsible for any work that they have missed.

I have attached the two field trip forms to this post.  I will also be handing these documents out to the students.  Would you please see that you sign and submit these forms to me in the next few weeks.

Royal Bay Field Trip Form royal-bay-secondary

Claremont Field trip Form topaz-field

As a disclaimer, the Claremont tournament will cost extra this year because of the added expense of the accommodation, transport and tournament fees.  The cost of the tournament is enclosed in the form.

I hope you all have had an excellent October so far and wish you well in this, our rainiest of weekends.


Coach Campbell,
Coach Neumann, &
Coach Hannah

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