Welcome back players and parents of the Delta Lacrosse Academy,

Our academy classes have gotten off to a fantastic start.  The students are equipped and ready for the upcoming season, the coaches have their clipboards prepped to teach the students the game, and, with our first games already in the books, our teams are looking ready to face the challenge of a jam packed academy year.

This year, our coaches have arrived to our academy ready to instil in our athletes with a growth mindset. Our new academy’s motto: Grit, Growth, Game, reflects our commitment to the growth and development of our athletes and our sport.

Not surprisingly our players have come prepared to face this growth challenge.  The have begun to embrace our academy’s code of ethics.  The acronym P.A.C.E.R.S, better known as Preparation, Attitude, Coachability, Execution, Relationships, and Support, is now felt at each practice and game. As such, each player is becoming personally accountable for their actions and, using P.A.C.E.R.S as their guide, they are growing, albeit slowly, into better athletes over the course of this year.

Today, however, the coaches wish to honour the efforts of two individuals that are persistent in their pursuit of their own growth and of the growth of their teammates.  On both the junior and senior squads these two young men were elected by their peers to lead their teams through thick and thin.  With no complaint, they have helped their fellow teammates grow and have mentored their peers in the pursuit of excellence.  Through their leadership, these two young men have upheld the spirit of our P.A.C.E.R.S motto and helped create an environment for growth and development in the future.  So, without further ado, I give you our players of the month:


Ashton Leclair

IMG_8300The coaches’ choice from september’s junior squad is our goaltender, Ashton Leclair.  This year Ashton has become a standout in goal.  Having worked on his positioning and hand speed in net last year, he has become a more complete goaltending package.  Ashton is a voice on the field, in the warmup, and is a strong and confident presence in the net.  He is never one to let a mistake haunt his play, nor is he one to allow a teammate’s mistake affect the play of others.  Congratulations Ashton, keep up your excellent work.


Jared Moloci


On the senior squad, the coaches have put their confidence in the quiet yet tenacious leadership of Jared Moloci.  A veteran defender, Jared has taken on the roles of drill sergeant and captain with the quiet confidence of a buddhist monk.  Jared is a reliable presence on the field and, though he may not receive all of the goal-oriented glory, he is an integral part of the senior team’s success.  Jared, you have earned recognition this month, well done.


Coach Campbell,
Coach Neumann &
Coach Hannah

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