August 30, 2016

Dear Delta Secondary Lacrosse Academy Parents and Students,

On behalf of the Delta School District, I would like to welcome you to the 2016 – 2017 school year. I would also like to welcome Scott Campbell back as our Teacher Coordinator and Josh Neumann as our Head Coach alongside Assistant Coach, John Hannah. I hope the summer provided time for fun and relaxation and students are now ready for a very successful academic and athletic year!

The first day of school this year is Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 with the first Lacrosse Academy class starting on Wednesday, September 7th. The Lacrosse Academy classes will once again be every other afternoon on Day 1 in Blocks C and D. The first session will be at Delta Manor in the Collaboration room (rm. #109); the first half of the afternoon will be in the classroom and the second half of the afternoon will be on the field at Dugald Morrison field. Students are to bring gym strip and helmets for this first class.

Bus transportation will be provided to the academy from South Delta, Sands, Burnsview and Seaquam Secondary. All students who ride the bus are required to read, sign and return our Bus Code of Conduct to Mr. Campbell on the first day of the Academy. At the start of lunch students riding the bus are asked to promptly meet their bus at the following locations:

Sands – On the street in front of the school

Burnsview – On the street going north outside of school

Seaquam – In the parking lot by the theatre entrance

South Delta – In the south parking lot by the hockey bins and portable


A summary of pick up and drop off times at each school follows:




South Delta 11:55 am 3:15 pm #2
Sands 11:40 am 3:20 pm #3
Burnsview 11:30 am 3:30 pm #3
Seaquam 11:20 am 3:40 pm #3

Enclosed with this letter is a Field Trip form. Please complete the form and have your child return it by the first day of school to Coach Campbell or fax to Corinne Leary at (604) 940-5520.

I would like to encourage parents and students to visit the Lacrosse Academy website at: This site provides information about the instructors, photos, a newsletter and a calendar. Mr. Campbell will update the calendar monthly with the location and focus for each class, and provide updates throughout the year. We would like to include photos on our website of your son/daughter taken during Lacrosse Academy sessions but need parental permission to do so. The Delta School District requires all parents to complete a number of permission forms on-line through Parent Connect; refer to the Permission Forms Information sheet attached. Please be sure to do this before September 30th.

On Friday, September 9th students will be participating in the UBC Ropers course! Coach Campbell will be handing out waiver forms for UBC on the first day of class. Students will be picked up as follows:

9:30 am Seaquam- Pick up LAX
9:45 am Burnsview- Pick up LAX
9:50 am Sands Pick up LAX
10:10 am SDSS- Pick up LAX
10:20 am DSS- Pick up LAX
10:50 am UBC- Drop off LAX
2:45 pm UBC- Pick up LAX
3:30 pm DSS – Drop off LAX

And students will be dropped off as follows:

3:30 pm DSS- pick up LAX
4:00 pm Sands- Drop off LAX
4:05 pm Burnsview- Drop off LAX
4:20 pm Seaquam- Drop off LAX

We use email to communicate to academy parents on a regular basis, if you have changed your email address, please be sure to contact me with your new address.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach me by email at or call me at 604 952-5374. Mr. Campbell can be reached at (604) 591-6166 or at

Thank you for enrolling in the Lacrosse Academy. I wish all students a very successful year ahead!

Carpe Diem,


Paige Hansen
District Vice Principal
Academy Programs


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