Students, Athletes, Parents and Coaches,

It is another year in the books for Delta’s Lacrosse academy and what a year it has been.  We have seen many changes in the structure, location and activity of our academy this year so, for posterity’s sake, let us recount the past ten months:  first, we started our year on the field at Dougald Morrison where we rehearsed some of our fundamental skills, then we competed at our Annual tournament on the island, we lived the last few months of Sportstown as it closed down and moved to learn about the fundamentals of weight lifting in Delta’s gym.  Last, we even had the opportunity to get in the box and start rehearsing some of our box lacrosse skills for this year’s season.

Indeed, it has been a long ten months that has tested our athletes’ ability, fitness, resolve and resiliency and as coaches, we are pleased to see growth in all of these areas.  Through it all, however, there have been a few stand-out athletes that, in the coaches opinions, have continued push themselves to “be better” from September through to June.  So, without further ado, I present to you the Delta Lacrosse Academy’s Athlete of the Year:

Anneke Cunningham

IMG_8331As a grade eight student, Anneke surprised the coaching staff this year with her tenacity.  Anneke has been a relentless competitor all year.  She has taken every opportunity to make herself better in each drill and she has learned from her mistakes to make several huge improvements in her skills.

But it is not her tenacity or her overall improvement that have lead the coaching staff to this conclusion.  What make Anneke one of the Academy’s Athletes of the Year is her winning attitude.  Anneke will work for a win.  She does not give up, does not shy away, and will not back down from a challenge.  Anneke is the type of Athlete that all coaches want on their teams because she demands more of herself than she ever asks of anybody else.  She is a team player whose primary focus is success and it is obvious for those that play and work with her that failure is not an option.  Excellent work Anneke.

Jared Moloci

IMG_8286Known to his teammates as Molōsh, this smiley grade 10 kid has been a pillar of commitment from the first week of September through to last week.  Jared has been one of the Academy’s most focused, consistent and durable athletes.  He is consistently the person that the coaches can count on to give his best effort and he is consistently the athlete that pushes his teammates to “be better.”

As coaches, it is sometimes hard for us believe that Molōsh is a student in grade ten.  Sometimes his calm collected demeanor is more befitting of a college student.  What’s more, his work ethic is reflective of a man driven toward that college atmosphere.  Molōsh is on the field before most of his teammates, and is leaving the field long after the bus has departed.  He is one of our Athletes of the year because he is always trying to improve his skill through individual practice and, in drills and games, is regularly the top competitor on the floor.  When it comes to Lacrosse, it is safe to say that Jared Moloci lives the mantra “be better.”  All the coaches agree that it was a privilege working with you Jared.

Student athletes, thank you all for an excellent school year.  We look forward to working with many of you next year.

To our graduating players, Congratulations.

Tristan Butler, Kyle Durec, Cody Hoegg, Victor Robichaud and Curtis Tyson, may your journey through life find you fulfilled and may your celebrations to come be joyful and safe.



Coach Campbell
Coach Neumann &
Coach Hannah



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