Student Athletes,

As students, athletes and people, we must look backwards and plan forwards if we want to better ourselves.  By now it should be no secret, that to continue being successful in sport, it is not enough to perform well once or even a few times, your success demands constant improvement.

In fact, as an athlete you should know that success demands more than improvement.  Success demands assessment and constant evaluation of skill and fitness.  This is why we play games.  In each game we test ourselves.  We test ourselves against our personal training and we test ourselves against the training of others.

These game tests are also why your coaches test you.  We assess what you do and how you do it to determine where your abilities are strong and where they are weak.  Then, once we have seen those abilities, we guide you toward make more improvements so that we, as a team, can be prepared for our next test.

But there is only so much a coach can do toward improving the skill of a player.  At a certain point, the actions of a player determine the level of their success.  Athletes that are self-driven, athletes that learn from their mistakes and athletes that can envision their own success will see their career’s flourish.  Athletes that do not learn to act in this way will struggle.  So, let us learn to be self-driven, self-correcting, and successful.


Having completed Blog Post Number Nineteen, you have now conducted an assessment of the course you have taken over the past ten months.  But, to complete your reflection of the year, you must now look inward and forward to determine your next course of action:

In one paragraph, provide a summary of your year.  Be sure to include individual areas of improvement and individual areas of weakness.  Also include how you feel about those areas.

In a second paragraph, describe a few of your year’s highlights and low lights.  Be as descriptive or general as you like, but be sure to include ‘why’ they are highlights or low lights.

In a third paragraph, describe your plans for the summer.  Try to integrate how these plans might positively affect your areas of improvement for next year.

Please ensure each paragraph is at least five sentences.  Descriptions of this nature cannot be successful in any less than five sentences.

Thank you for all that you have done this year, we have enjoyed coaching all of you. Have an excellent summer.

Submissions are due: Sunday June 12th at 9:00pm


Coach Campbell,
Coach Neumann &
Coach Hannah

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