Student Athletes,

The best and worst part about being a coach is looking back on a season.  It is the best part about a coach’s job because looking back fuels a coach’s push toward greatness.  They look for opportunities to improve the efficiency of their athletes and they analyze their programs to provide better drills, games, and training for athletes they coach.  It is the worst part about a coach’s job because, when left to think about a season, a coach can fixate on the parts of their program that did not work.  They sit and think about all the things that went wrong and they forget about things that made their program good at the start.  Coaches fixate; it is what we do.  We think back, we reflect, and we figure out how to make it better.

But, as we all know, coaches are not the only people that are part of a team.  Players play an enormous roll in the success of a team.  After all, the players that move to the coach’s whistle, the players learn under the coach’s words and the players chose to commit their time to developing their skills.  As such, players and their mindsets, perspectives and understandings are as important to a team’s integrity as the coach’s perfect program.

Players and coaches build programs together.  Without players, coaches do not have clay to mold.  Without coaches, players do not have shapes to acquire.


This week, the coaches are going to invite you put yourselves in our shoes and “look back” on our season. We want you to use your experience as a player and, just as a coach might, we want you to be both constructive and critical of the program you experienced this year.  We want you to give us two lists:

  1. A list of three positive traits the Lacrosse Academy possesses.
  2. A list of three negative traits the Lacrosse Academy possesses.

This is a very serious request from the coaching staff and so we want you to be as descriptive as possible.  Positive traits should not include  “It’s fun,” and negative traits should not include “It’s boring.”  Thoughtful responses will give your opinions on major events, activities, or training, that we have done throughout the year.

For example, I might positively explain, “I enjoyed the amount of cross-training we did, I felt handball taught me a lot about position on the floor/field.” Or I might respond more negatively, “I would have liked to have more time dedicated toward training, I felt I didn’t get enough time to lift weights all year round.”  (Please, do not use these examples in your responses)

This feedback will be taken and applied in the development of next year’s program.  This is your chance as a student to give your input into what your program will look like next year.   You should put some serious thought into responses.  Student athletes, be responsible for your development and join us, as coaches.

Submissions are due: Sunday June 4th at 9:00pm


Coach Campbell,
Coach Neumann &
Coach Hannah

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