Student Athletes,

This time in the year for a lacrosse player can be challenging.  Though you are about half way through the season, wounds and weariness from previous games can start to affect play.  Sometimes it can seem to be a struggle to get suited up for a practice.  Sometimes, it can seem a struggle to come prepared to play a game.  And yet we know, that as lacrosse players, if we want to be successful, we need to be tough and compete every time we set foot on a field or a floor.  We know that even though our body may hurt, it is our mind that governs how we decide to deal with our pains.

To accomplish the task of playing through, you have a mantra.  Whether you know it or not, there is something that you say to yourself to keep you going – an action and then a description – and whether it be  “Work harder,” “Be Better,” or “One More Rep,” this Mantra helps your mind overcome your perceived limitations.

These mantras have a purpose; they drive us to keep going, they help remind us of our commitments, and sometimes, if we are truly committed toward their principles, they are able unite a group of people toward a singular purpose.


This week, the coaching staff wants you to think about your mantras.  Once you have thought about them, you will send two responses to Coach Neumann:

  1. A Mantra of five words or less that you use in your personal commitment to your own athletic development.
  2. A Mantra of  five words or less, to which you would like your fellow student athletes in the academy live by.

These are serious requests and so responses should be serious.  “Scoring goals” is not a mantra, it is an act we commit in game.  “Working hard,” though it is used as an example here, is not specific and does not describe any commitment to any sort of process.

The mantras you describe should reflect some aspect of your personality.  You should put some thought into these five words as you may find that they will direct your efforts in future.  That said, I’ll leave you here with my mantra:  “Sweat, grow, win.”

Submissions are due: Sunday May 29th at 9:00pm


Coach Campbell,
Coach Neumann &
Coach Hannah

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