Hello Parents, Coaches and Students,

Over the past few weeks, we have had the opportunity to take a rest from our regularly scheduled blog posting because of the start of the intense box lacrosse season.  This week we are back with an important question that we would like you to consider.

As athletes, we often have to ‘take stock’ of where we are in our training to get an understanding of our growth and development.  Sometimes, ‘taking stock’ sponsors minor changes in how we are approaching our training, our diet, or our preparation.  Other times, ‘taking stock’ forces us to reevaluate our training entirely.  In either case, the act of ‘taking stock’, or “reflecting”, is part of becoming a better athlete.  So this week, take stock of your training in academy while you answer blog post number seventeen.

Blog Question #17
Part 1: Box lacrosse season is already underway.  At the end of your season what kind of player do you want to be? Take in to consideration where you were last year and where you are today.
Part 2: We have approximately 8 weeks of Lacrosse Academy left, how would you like to see those sessions used in order to reach your goal from Part 1? Take into consideration these ideas: Box season is highly condensed compared to field (lots of practices and games in a short period of time) – would 1-2 Box sessions and 1 strength and conditioning session with games and stick skills a week be best? Or all box all the time? Or some other mix of box, strength and conditioning, games and stick skills? What kind of box drills would you like to work on?

Thank you and we’ll see you on the floor,
Coach Neumann,
Coach Campbell
Coach Hannah

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