Hello Parents, students and prospective students,

This month our players have been off the field and out of the box working on one of the most important weapons in an athlete’s armada – strength.  Strength is what gives athletes an edge over their competition and strength, in all its forms, is what we try to improve when we set foot in any training environment.

In the month of February, we spent a tremendous amount of time trying to teach our athletes about the importance of understanding and cultivating strength.  And, over the last month, we have asked these students to show us their understanding of strength training through the creation of a personalized training program.

The results were fantastic.  In their blogs our athletes showed us a personalized commitment to building their strength.  Moreover, they showed us that they were prepared to commit to this program by recording this process.

In particular, however, two students’ training programs stood out as excellent representations of our academy’s “Commit to better” mentality.  So, this month, please join me in congratulating the fitness gurus of the Delta Lacrosse Academy’s Players – our players of the month.


Mitchell Sandberg

DSC_5589As one of our junior students,  Mitchell has shown that he will be better this month by through his hard work in the weight room.   In-class, Mitchell was diligent about developing his form and committed to increasing his performance each day.  What’s more, his leadership could be seen with his peers as well.  Throughout the unit, Mitch could be found encouraging others to better in the pursuit of their athletic goals.

Mitchell’s written work also showed an in-depth understanding of the strengths and weakness of his game.  He used our time in the gym to develop a program that highlighted his needs and he produced a program that will no doubt serve him well in the future.  In all respects, this junior acted like as senior when it came to weights.  Great work Mitch.


James Kennedy

IMG_8304The other stand-out in our strength training unit – one James Kennedy – used our time in the weight room to rehabilitate himself from some recent ailments.    Throughout the unit, James was a tremendous asset to the tempo of our class.  He worked tirelessly to improve his strength and fitness. Using our class training sessions to build his fitness and our lecture time to understand training principles , he build a personalized program that was, according to Coach Neumann, “a plan a trainer might give to a client.”

More importantly though, James’ commitment to his fitness has begun to show as the ailments that have affected his progress in the first half of the year begun to heal.  His progress in this task is remarkable and Jame’s continued efforts are supported by his growing tenacity and dedication to his athleticism.  In future James will be a force to be reckoned with, in and out of the gym.  Keep it up James.

Excellent job you two.  We’ll see you on the field and floor.


Coach Neumann
Coach Campbell


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