Hi Pacers,

As the celebration of 2015’s passing comes to a close, the promise of the New Year hangs over the threshold of our Academy.  Each year, this time is a time of growth, of potential, and of reflection.  The coaches of our academy look at the progressions of our students and we look at the potential that these students have shown in developing there physique and skill.  This time, is a time when the Delta Lacrosse Academy assess our progress.

And, let me tell you, the coaches have looked at all of these performance markers over the past two months and have selected two student athletes that strive to grow and reach their potential.  These athletes are reflective, positive, and unrelentingly driven.   These athletes are your January Player’s of the Month.


Jake CantlonDSC_5579

Jakes has been a mainstay in the development of our academy since the beginning of the year.  He is a driven, focused and grounded athlete whose quiet work-hard attitude is felt by every member of our Academy.  Jake is also one of our more skilled offensive players whose continued work on the offensive side of the ball has made every player in our academy better.

But what really makes Jake stand-out is his drive.  Jake has spent the better part his 2015-2016 Lacrosse season working toward his goal of playing lacrosse on a Scholarship down in the Unite States.   Although recently he has been recovering from injury, his diligence in the rehabilitation process and his continued work in bettering himself as a student and an athlete will serve him will in reaching his goals.  Great work Jake.


Nicholas DoucetIMG_8321

As one of our Juniour students, Nick spent the better part of 2015 learning the ropes of the Delta Lacrosse academy.  Recently, he has begun to climb those ropes.  In the early days of 2016 at Sportstown, Nick showed us some serious skill, and bravery, as one of our three Box Lacrosse Goal Keepers.  Nick stood tall against several serious shooters and he commited to better through his consistent presence in the net.

Nick is our player of the month because of his positive attitude and commitment to bettering himself.  He shows up with a smile on his face and, even after a difficult training session, leaves with a smile on his face.  He is a pleasure to Coach and, what’s more, a pleasure to have on a team.  If he continues to work in this way, there is not limit to what he can accomplish. Keep it up Nick!


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