Hello Pacers,

As we head into our weightlifting sessions it is important to keep in mind our strengths and weaknesses as athletes.  Accordingly, this week’s blog asks you to establish a “baseline” assessment of your “self” in the following fitness categories:

1. Strength – Ability to exert force on an object.
2. Power – Ability to exert force on an object in a short amount of time.
3. Speed – Ability to move body quickly.
4. Agility – Ability to change direction, pace and body position – Pursuit and Evasion.
5. Endurance – Ability to repeat efforts.
6. Coordination – Ability to move body with  or without an object through space.

For this weeks blog, please rank yourself on a scale of 1-4 on the following 6 categories. 1 = I need to improve, 4 = I’ve worked hard to be great at this.

As always, please email the coaching staff a link to your published blog post by Sunday February 7, 2016 at 9pm.



Coach Neumann
Coach Campbell

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