Hello Pacers,

Please accept our apologies for the tardiness of the assignment this week.  We have elected to push the due date back to Sunday to give you time to complete the task, because this weeks assignment asks you to get in touch with your dreams.

Everyone in our academy has thought about the future.  Coach Neumann and Coach Campbell have talked to many of you about your plans and about your expectations for your individual pursuits.  For many of you these plans involve attending an institution where lacrosse will be a fixture in the pursuit of your education.  In the spirit of these dreams, this week’s question asks:

Blog Question: Create a list of the top 10 schools you would like to attend to play NCAA lacrosse.

Dream Big and Research hard! We want you to set your eyes on the stars.
Due Date: Please email the coaching staff a link to your PUBLISHED post by January 24, 2016 2 9pm.

Good luck Pacers,
Coach Neumann
Coach Campbell

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