Hello Pacers,

And hello 2016!  The new year has come and with it, comes a new box lacrosse season.  I trust all of you young athletes are starting to get yourselves geared up for the coming arena fun.  But until the season starts our time at Sportstown and the Weight-rooms of Delta Secondary, will help you prepare for your best box season to date.

Today though, we have something else for you to consider.  What we need you to think about is your words. Words are powerful and they can have tremendous impacts, in both positive and negative ways.  Whether you know it or not, your words affect people and people affect you with theirs.  So, this week we would like you to consider some of the words we use in the environment of our academy.

Question: List 3 words or phrases that pick you up and 3 words or phrases that put you down. Beside each word or phrase describe how you feel when these words are said to you.

Due Date: Please email the coaching staff a link to your blog post by Jan 15, 2016 @ 9pm.

Thank you,
Coach Neumann
Coach Campbell



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