This month’s post finds the members of Delta’s Lacrosse Academy recovering from a riveting weekend of lacrosse in Victoria.  The academy’s athletes played a staggering eight games in two very long, very cold, day’s on Victoria’s Topaz fields.  After completing such a strenuous feat, the Athletes are now reflecting on what our Coaching staff views to be an extremely positive outing.

The Academy played four games on Friday, with a record of 2-2, an impressive feat, considering the level of competition and preparation they faced on the other side of the field.   Then, after a night of rest, the athletes then played four more games on Saturday, where wounds and weariness lead them to a record of 0-4.

Although their record would seem to indicate a less than favourable outcome, our Coaches are extremely impressed with the efforts of our athletes for two important reasons.  First, our students played against teams who have practiced as teams for a considerable amount of time.  This means that our athletes were playing against teams with set plays, strategies, and systems.  Our academy’s students have no such plays and had never played as a team prior to this weekend, making our efforts seem far more impressive.  Second, our students played against many lacrosse athletes who were much older and more experienced than them.  What’s more, our athletes managed to play as a team, providing their more experienced competition with a considerable challenge in their games against Claremont and Mercer Island.

In any case, this weekends festivities set the stage for our discussion of impressive Academy achievements in the Month of November.  Each year in this tournament, the academy endeavors to set a higher stander of competition in the Lacrosse community by focusing on one specific aspect of the Lacrosse game.  This year, our coaches have attempt to promote strong, team-based competition both in competition with other teams, and in competition with each other.   So, this month, our coaches would like to take the time to recognize two individuals that have embraced the credo “There is no ‘I’ in T.E.A.M.”  Without further ado, I present to November’s “Committed to Better” athletes:


Cody Hoegg

DSC_5558Cody showed his Senior squadmates his dedication to the winning cause this weekend by being one of our most consistent all-around player.  He was a force to be reckoned with running the wing on face-offs, he was a committed defender both at the midfield and the “long-pole” positions, and he was a talented goal scorer when the team needed to gain some momentum.

Cody has showed that he is committed to the principles of team through his tirelessly consistent play.  Whether the Pacer squad was winning or losing this weekend, the coaches could count on Cody to put forth a fantastic, well-rounded effort. Whenever Cody he stepped on the field, he was committed to making his team better.  Strong work Cody.


Mitchell Godlonton

IMG_8339Similar to Cody’s effort this weekend, Mitchell was a dependable “unsung hero” on the Pacer squad.  What is dissimilar, however, was that Mitchell was pulling double duty between the Junior and Senior squads.  In total, Mitchell played seven games this past weekend, most of which he played at the Midfield position.

This weekend, Mitchell was so committed to his team that he ran the length of a lacrosse field more times than many players run all season.  What’s more, Mitchell was a threat whenever he was on the field.  Defensively, he stopped several potential goals; transitionally, he ran fast breaks to perfection, and offensively, he was a threat to score whenever he was near the ball.

Mitchell showed that he was committed to better by playing a game that emphasized team tactics and team cooperation.  His valiant efforts are recognized this Month because he showed tremendous resiliency throughout seven games this weekend and because he modeled the attitude of a true team champion.  Fantastic job Mitchell.

Thank you all for reading.  There will be more to come soon.  Have an excellent month.

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