Spartan Shootout Trip

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Delta Lacrosse Academy,

Our annual trip to Victoria for Claremont’s Spartan Shootout is arriving soon and this year we will send two teams to participate in the events. We still need 30 athletes to attend the shootout and we have not yet reached our quota for our academy to field two teams. So get your forms and money in now.

In other news, the tournament’s basic itinerary has been determined:

Friday November 27, 2015

Arrive at Ferry: 6:15 am
Bus meets at other side: 8:35 am
Bus drop off at Topaz field: 9:00 am
Playing games: 10:00am- 4:00 pm
Check-in to hotel (Accent inn – Victoria phone number 4:30 pm
Pizza Ordered for kids: Dinner Time (7:00 pm)

Saturday November 28, 2015

Check-out of hotel: 9:30 am
Playing games: 8:00am – 3:00 pm
Bus meets us at Topaz field: 3:00 pm
Arrive at ferry: 3:45pm for 5pm boat
Arrive at Tsawassen: 6:35pm for pick up from ferries

At this time, the itinerary is finalized. The tournament schedule is listed below. Please have a look at it, if you wish to attend games.

For Parents/Guardians

Reminder, Athletes will be responsible for the majority of their nutrition on this trip. Outside of a few snacks in between games and dinner on the night of the 27th, the academy will not be responsible for feeding all the athletes.

Another reminder, athletes are representing the Delta School District during this trip and if their behaviour does not align with that of school policy, they will be sent home at the expense of the parents.

Final reminder, the Delta Lacrosse Academy will cover transportation during the trip, but will not be responsible for transportation before or after the trip. If students are late for the ferry, they will forfeit their deposit and will miss out on the trip. Students who require a ride home from the ferry on Saturday should arrange one before the trip.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Campbell at For a list of games, please see the attached schedule: Spartan Shootout Trip 02.

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