On any given day you can still find Vancouver Stealth Star forward Logan Schuss playing wall ball at the Ladner box, the same spot he developed his skills at a young age. Even while playing lacrosse at the highest level, Logan still uses the wall to hone his stick skills.


He isn’t alone in this regard, other pros like Paul Rabil and Joe Walters consistently play wall ball to keep their sticks sharp. Here is a great clip of Rabil playing wall ball in an unconventional spot.  Check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiEF5Mv21KI.

So here is your assignment this week:

Find a video of a wall ball routine that you’d like to try and share it on your blog.  Maybe even try it out yourself.  That is, after all, how we wall ball to better.

Due Date – Email a link to deltalacrosseacademy@gmail.com by November 6, 2015 @9pm.

See you at Sportstown,
Coach Neumann, Campbell and Hannah

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