This month, Delta’s lacrosse academy’s coaches have been looking at how our athletes skills stack up in the defensive department.  Often times, defense does not get a lot of attention.  However, our coaches know, that it is defensive consistency, not offensive talent, that wins championships.  So, without further ado, I present to you our Delta Lacrosse Academy’s Players of November:

Jared MolociIMG_8286

Jared is one of the Academy’s returning students and we are more than happy to have him as one of our talented defensive “long-poles.”  Over the past two months, the coaches have seen Jared’s footwork and stick control improve drastically.  Indeed, Jared’s patience with a pole is a force on the field.  He forces our offensive players to be better every day because he will not let them attack the net without a fight.

Jared is a leader on the field and force in front of his net.  He commits to better, and his defense makes us all better.  Great work Jared.


Anneke Cunningham

IMG_8331Anneke is one of the Lacrosse Academy’s new students, but this has not intimidated her in the slightest.  Last month, she has showed the students of the lacrosse academy that she has some serious skill.  Specifically, she showed us that defensive footwork can stop a lacrosse athlete in their tracks.

With a quiet and cool sort of poise, Anneke has become one of the academy’s hardest working and longest tempered lacrosse defenders.  She is always calm and collected, even when she has committed to a huge hit.  Anneke commits to better through her positioning, poise, and hard work.  Congratulations Anneke.



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