This week we feature story time with Coach Neumann.  His story is his response to a question that I think burns in all lacrosse players.  Think long and hard about your response and, submit it before 9:00pm on Friday October 23.

Coach Neuman writes:

“I started playing lacrosse in grade 6. My hockey coach asked me to join his team. I said yes and my dad and I went to Canadian tire to pick up a stick. I got a red Brine shotgun.

I spent hours throwing a ball against the wall with it that summer. I couldn’t get enough. I got a little better after each session on the wall. I was hooked.

I would continue to play wall ball throughout my lacrosse career. There was always something to work on with my stick. The only way I knew I could truly fix it was going to the wall.

You see I love to practice. Practice is where I got to work with my teammates so we could be better as a group come game time. And game time was competition, a chance to see which team was best prepared. Being prepared to compete is why I play lacrosse, why I play sports and why I coach! I love the process of being an athlete!”

BLOG 4: WHY did you join the Delta Lacrosse Academy?


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