This year’s Academy coaches are excited to bring you highlights from the students that we teach. Our student’s accomplishments are very important to us, so we have decided that, each month, our coaches will meet to discuss the development of skill and fitness our students have undertaken, and we will feature two players that have made strides in their game in that time period.

These students are ones that have worked hard to improve their fitness and/or skill sets and these ‘Featured Players of the Month’ have shown the coaches, their peers, and the team that Commit to Better is a mantra worth repeating.

Accordingly,  October’s ‘Featured Players’ are:

Victor Robichaud


As one of Delta Lacrosse Academy’s silent leaders, Victor has spent most of September showing the coaches and his fellow athletes that he is ready to ‘commit to better.’  Victor comes prepared to work hard each day and always gives it his best effort.  He sets a standard and, with his skills, attitude and game knowledge, he quietly leads the team toward more productive drills and more strategic game time.  Well done Victor and keep up the good work.


Ashton LeClair


Ashton is featured this month because of the developments that he has made at the Goal tending Position.  In fact, he has begun to excel between the pipes .  With a quick stick and a dedicated mind, he has worked hard to improve his footwork and positioning in net.   Through repetitive foot positioning drills and hand coordination realignments, Ashton’s positive attitude has lead to huge improvements in his ability to stop tough shots.  He has shown that a ‘commitment to better’ can include players of all positions and now, his presence in net is felt by even the sharpest of shooters.  Keep it up Ashton.

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