Hello Athletes and Parents,

Each week, students of Delta’s Lacrosse Academy will be expected to reflect on their athletic developments and blog about their experiences in the Academy. Students will be expected to blog using a “Blogger” account.  Instructions for how to create this blog will be posted on this website’s front page.

These ‘Blog Posts’ are a part of the Athlete’s evaluation and will be submitted every Friday evening (meaning Athletes will blog approximately four times a month).  Once they are completed and posted, submissions are also to be emailed to deltalacrosseacademy@gmail.com before 9:00 pm each Friday.  It is worth twenty percent of the students’ grades.

So, without further ado, this week’s blog topic from Coach Neumann is:

Write a blog post listing three expectations of yourself, your teammates, and your coaching staff. There are a total of 9 expectations.

Thank you Students and Athletes and have a great week.



Coach Campbell



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