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Hello and welcome students and parents,

My name is Scott Campbell and as the Delta Lacrosse program’s coordinator, I am here to bring you our monthly updates from our Academy.

Our first update this year involves our Coaches’ excitement.  On behalf of Josh Neumann, John Hannah, and myself, I think it is fair to say that we are thrilled to be working with such a talented group of young athletes.   I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know this year’s group of students over the past month and am blown away by their maturity and focus with regard to this sport.  All of the students have exceeded our expectations so far and we are excited to see their skills, strength and fitness develop throughout the year.

Our second update this year involves our team gear.  The students have received their pinnies, shorts and t-shirts.  This clothing is now a part of their required equipment.  They are expected to bring these pieces of clothing to practice and games.

The third update this year involves our team’s pictures.  We have taken our first set of team pictures and the coaches are excited to share them with you.  The team head shots, and some action shots, will be uploaded to our website by the end of October.  If you like these pictures and would like to own one, you can purchase them from our photographer.  Please email me anytime and specify which picture you would like, and I will put your order through.

The final update this year involves our team’s annual trip to Victoria for Claremont’s Academy’s Spartan Shootout.  This year the dates of the Spartan Shootout are Nov. 27-28.  The field trip is an overnight affair and it will come at an additional cost to families.  We will be traveling over on the Friday Morning (very early) and we will be home in the evening on Saturday.  This tournament is an exciting opportunity for our students to play as an Academy against some stiff competition from Canada and the United States.  More specific information about the tournament will follow in the coming weeks as the tournament schedule and hotel and bus transportation are confirmed.  For now, I just need to gauge interest in the tournament.  If you or your children are interested, would you please email me with a confirmation of your participation.

That is all for September 2015, thank you for your participation in this year’s academy.  We are going to have a great year.  Just remember that our coaches and our students have made a promise to…



Scott Campbell

Teacher Coordinator

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