Spring Newsletter 2015


Good day Lacrosse Academy Parents and Student Athletes,

It is hard to believe that we are already into the middle of May with the end of the school year quickly approaching. This year has been full of growth, some of it challenging, but most of it positively wonderful. This year began with a late and unsettled start but the student athletes were able to take it in stride.

This year the academy changed its clothing supplier and printing company which proved to be a tremendously frustrating and time consuming endeavor, however all clothing has arrived and student feedback has been positive. We also had to change our strength and conditioning program this year when facilities were no longer available, which turned out to be very positive. We have been able to learn from these challenges and now feel we have everything we need to get out of the gates in 2015-2016 quickly and efficiently.

There were a number of highlights this year that should make parents and students proud. We had an exceptional showing at the Spartan Shootout in both our Junior and Senior divisions. During our strength and conditioning training, students were able to consistently demonstrate growth and development, with several students putting up big numbers in their deadlifts and all students exceeding their own weight. As we transitioned into our Box/Field model after spring break, it has been amazing to see students bring continued energy and intensity to each and every practice. The coaching staff is so impressed by the group of students we have this year. They are kind, respectful, good mannered, and fun loving young people and it has been our pleasure to support their development as student athletes.

I would like to thank all of the students for their effort on and off the field this year.  Each student showed tremendous improvements in their lacrosse skills, lacrosse knowledge, and overall athletic abilities. The work ethic and effort that each student put forth greatly contributed this positive growth and development. Each and every student should be proud of themselves and the hard work they put in all year. It is our hope that students can reflect on these efforts and bring them to other facets of their lives, including academia, family, and community.

Finally, it is with heavy heart that I formally announce that I will be stepping down as the academy coordinator to pursue my career path in counseling. It was my sincerest pleasure to help get this program off the ground and to work alongside Head Coach Josh Neumann and Assistant Coach John Hannah. We are so lucky to have such knowledgeable, caring, and committed coaches. To those students moving on we wish you the best. To those returning, the coaches will be waiting for you at Holly Turf in September. I will be thinking of you all.


Adam Haydon

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